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The history of Katan Group can be traced back to 1965 when our founder Mr. Lee Soon Fatt started out as a diesel merchant. As a distributor agent for the then Esso Oil Company, he was a well-known merchant prominent in diesoline supply during the early days. In the course of supplying diesoline to timber sawmills in Malaysia, Mr. Lee saw the need to extend into other products such as industrial cutting discs, wire ropes and other requisites in order to provide a more holistic supply solution to customers. Within a few years of operation, the business expanded and became a top selling diesoline agent of Esso, running a fleet of his own trucks, and operating from his office in Setapak and a warehouse facility in Gombak, under the name of Lee Trading Company. Years later, the Company was dissolved and Katan Wangsa Sdn Bhd was set up, budding from its foothold in oil and timber accessories businesses.

Today, having thrived for 40 years, the company is now an established importer and manufacturer of various rigging products and lubricants, with a warehousing facility of over 100,000 square feet, and factories well-equipped with advanced coiling, swaging, testing, and annealing machineries, laboratories and chemical blenders, all under the direction of Mr. Lee Soon Fatt's second generation of innovative new leaders.

The Katan group is now made up of several businesses centred around the following:

1. Rigging Solutions
As a leading specialist and stockist of rigging accessories, operating out of our offices in Kuala Lumpur (Katan Wangsa Sdn Bhd), and Johor Bahru (Binsoon Enterprise Sdn Bhd), we stock the full range of related merchandise such as wire ropes, chains, synthetic webbing slings, hooks, shackles, turnbuckles and other rigging fittings.

We are also a leading provider of specialized services including wire rope splicing, swaged end terminations and testing services. Our staff can offer technical advice on the design of the rigging system so as to be able to meet your specific engineering application.

2. Lubricants and Fuels Supplies
With a long history as a supplier of fuels and lubricants in the local market our operations today cover a wide range of fuel and lubricant products, supplying principal brands such as Esso, Mobil, Petronas, Sinopec, as well as our private labels Axle, Al–Lubes , and KW Lube. We run the whole gamut from warehousing these principal brands, to the manufacturing of lubricant products.

In 2007, chalking up yet other milestones in the oil business of Katan group, a new company known as Alivirgo Sdn Bhd inaugurated its manufacturing facility in Rawang Industrial Estate, Selangor. The company's principal activity is in the blending the highest grade of base oil for the manufacturing of lubricant.

For more information about our products and services, call us today. All enquiries welcomed.

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